What would I do with 1000$?

No, I would not buy cryptocurrency.

Let us consider a scenario that I get a thousand dollars from somewhere to invest in myself, and I have nothing else to do, no other job or commitments. What would I do?

The answer is simple: I would join a cohort-based course.

And how would I utilize my time there?

  1. I would learn the skill diligently, without being limited to what's being covered in the course, and go above and beyond the syllabi.

  2. I would make projects and create tonnes of proofs of work.

  3. Network the absolute hell out! I would keep an eye on the smart and vocal people in the cohort, invite them for 1:1 chats, learning sessions, side projects with them, and even for fun and games. I will also organize ice-breaking sessions among the groups to help me know more about them.

  4. I would make myself active in text forums and solve the doubts of as many people as possible. Helping people with errors is the best way to network.

  5. Document my entire journey. No matter how good or bad, I will tweet daily one thing I learned. I will blog at least once a week. A 6-month course will make me write 25+ blogs, thus creating another proof of learning.

  6. I will interact with the instructors and mentors as much as possible. Ask deep, meaningful questions, a layer below what is taught, and gain industry insights from them.

How would this even help me?

Along with learning as much as I possibly can, I will focus on creating my proof of learning that I can send to any recruiter tomorrow. At the same time, the network that I create during the course will help me to grow fast in the field a few years down the line.

A lot of these points are what motivated us to start neogcamp as a cohort-based course. And it even makes sense, doesn't it? While teaching the students, you are also giving them the full chance to network and create their own personal resources and proofs of work. You give them a platform that they can put to great use and ensure long-term success for their own selves. This is exactly what has led us to achieve the success with neogcamp that we have to date.

P.S. You do not need to spend 1000 dollars to get into neogcamp.

P.P.S. Do you know that applications to neogcamp have started? You can learn about it in detail here.

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