UX engineer at Google today, rejected by TCS, HCL, Wipro in college

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From Alternate Roads to FAANG:

For those without a prior idea, Unisys is a very old IT company with a range of products. It used to be a giant during its time, but its market value has depreciated since then. Unisys still employs tens of thousands of Indians and some of its employees have been working there for 50+ years.

When I started out at Unisys, I was assigned to the AirCo team. AirCo is a software product in the aviation industry and is used to handle the ticketing systems of flights. A version of this product was also in use in the U.S. Air Force. Initially, my job was to solve small-scale bugs in the software which were written in legacy code. Then the task of refreshing the User Interface of the product came up. The lead assigned to the team was an architect responsible for designing the new UI. He needed some assistance and I jumped on the opportunity, convinced that this was my true calling and I can finally pursue it. You could say this was my formal introduction to the front-end.

I was then determined to chase the front-end as my field.

Vikram Santhalia started out as a consultant for a service-based company, Unisys. He currently works at Google as a Senior UX Engineer. Dreams do come true. Read how Vikram achieved his goals only on https://www.wyzr.in/. Subscribe now!