using the 15LPA+ checklist

Pointers to plan your future better considering the time and knowledge you have

I wrote a 15LPA+ job checklist a few weeks back and since then people are asking me how to use this checklist. Below, I am going to give you a flowchart of how to think about the checklist.

Note: If you missed the list then see it at

assess yourself

You need to ask yourself two questions:

  1. How much of this checklist do I know?

    1. 20%?

    2. 50%?

    3. 70%?

  2. How soon am I graduating and will be eligible for a job?

    1. 1 year?

    2. 6 months?

    3. Right now?

you know 20%

No matter when you need the job you need to get to at least 40-50% to get a respectable job. Otherwise, someone will underpay you and pay you 13k/month or less. Anything less than 35k/month shouldn't be acceptable in today's market as a web dev job.

you have 1 year

If you have 1 year, you can transform your chances of getting a high-paying job through web development. If I were you, I would try to check everything on the checklist, work my ass off, showcase everything in one or another project.

Honestly speaking, if I had 1 or more than 1 year, I would join and then learn everything from there. I won’t have the pressure of learning everything fast for a job. I would have enough time to work on projects and polish them well for placements after a year.

you have 6 months or less, knows 50% or less

If I have this much time then I'll concentrate on getting a web dev job first rather than getting a high-paying job. I'll keep the checklist handy and keep learning. But first I'll finish my 5 projects and get a good job through

Experience in a web dev job is a lot more valuable than money

Even if you get placed in 4-6.5LPA job first in one year you can have a 100-150% hike. The standard 30% is for service companies, startups pay a lot more if you have relevant experience today. The web dev market is looking for experienced devs all the time! I would choose getting experience over getting a better package any day.

This is for people who know less than 50%. People who know how to make apps using React and some backend like Firebase. If you can make apps but don't know the depth of everything mentioned in the checklist then a 4.5-6.5 LPA job is a great way to begin your career.

i know 70% or above

If you know this much from the checklist you're exceptional. You deserve a very high-paying job, and in that case, you should prepare really well for interviews. You should also take out time to get that 70% to 100% but have a plan to be there in not more than 3 months.

Have a hard deadline. As said before, experience is more valuable than money as it all pays off in the later part of the career.

before we say goodbye đź‘‹

One thing I'll tell you is that you shouldn't worry too much about the "money" part from the 15LPA checklist, instead, worry about the "knowledge" part. Strive to learn everything on the roadmap.

Know that even if you don't get an instant offer, if you have that much knowledge in you, you will eventually do really well in this career, and money will never be a problem for you!

I hope this was useful, if you have questions as always, ask in the comments. Or suggest topics you want me to write about.

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