The Ultimate Question

Will NeoG replace IITs?

A great question came up to me in this interview with Incredible Dev Tales - will NeoG get at par with the IITs of the country or even beat them? This is my honest answer to the question.

And it's a no.

I am not the kind of startup founder who thinks that their product is the best and everything else in the market is absolutely useless. I do not think that I am the best and neither do I harbor this fake confidence. So the short answer is that NeoG is not getting ahead of IITs in the country. IITs have built a strong ecosystem around them and most importantly, have a physical presence. I do not see NeoG having that kind of physical presence anytime soon.

You choose your tradeoffs.

Let's try and make a comparison. IITs produce the best engineers in the country, suppose at a quality level of 1x, in a limited environment. NeoG has no physical and admission restraints, and it produces grads of a quality level 0.8x. 1x quality, the best possible, with an investment of Rs. 7 lakhs for 4 years for the top 1%, keeping aside the preparation years, or 0.8x, a little less quality in Rs. 30000 for 6 months for everyone - I think I prefer the second model because it helps me make a lot more impact on the ground.

Where does NeoG stand?

I have a younger cousin who's highly interested in coding and follows all my videos. As an elder brother, would I advise him to not go into IIT and join NeoG? I think you all know my answer. IITs still stand strong and they will. They have a brand value, an environment of learning, and a strong community. Even having an M.Tech. degree from IITs helps down the line. NeoG is a great alternative, a safety net. So, just like I would advise my cousin, if you think you have the capability to get the Computer Science branch in any one of the IITs, give it your best shot. Aur agar ni hua to tum log ka bara bhai h na! (And if you are unable to, don't worry, your elder brother is here for you.)

Till next time

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