just checking on you


Some of you complained that the last newsletter, the freelancing part 2, went to your spam. I am not sure why Google would do it when the first one landed in Inbox.

what if I missed it?

Anyway, if you missed the second part, which was out on Tuesday, please check your SPAM folder once. I would request you to mark it 'non-spam'. Also, just to make sure that you never miss a newsletter again, mark this address as "important". Then it will always land in your inbox.

Do let me know if it's still landing in your spam.

the direct link

However, due to some reasons, if you are unable to read the second part in your inbox. Here's a quick link:

something more

You know I record podcasts. Over the weekend I am recording new episodes. One is around keeping a journal, another one on doing Masters and more are coming. If you want to listen to it head over to https://anchor.fm/tanaypratap.

If on the other hand you want to ask your question you can check out this repository. https://bit.ly/tanay-ama. I should be honest with you here though, I have 150+ unanswered questions right now. And thus, I am asking folks to vote on some of the most popular ones so that I can close it fast. You can vote your favorite open question here: https://bit.ly/podcast-worthy.

freelancing next part?

I will send it to you soon. If you haven't read the second part yet, please read it. If you have read and not replied to the email about how you liked/disliked it, you make an old person (me) very unhappy. Please do tell me about it. Waiting for your replies.

However, just to be sure that you don't miss it, check your spam/inbox on Tuesday 10PM IST. That's when the next issue will land in your (maybe) inbox.

I hope you're doing good and having fun over the weekend.