I can’t predict stocks, but I can predict tech.

And I have been saying this for years now.

Take a look at the second column of the table in the above image. Where do you see the largest numbers? Yes, go ahead. Say it. Fullstack Engineers and React/Native.

But this time it's not me who is saying this, but a Specialist Staffing firm for IT Staffing and Engineering Services named Xpheno doing it for me. A company that sources talent to different organizations is the one saying this. It's published on Moneycontrol, so their claims would definitely be backed by a good amount of research and field knowledge, right?

If we dig into the numbers, you can notice that the two fields that get the lowest hikes are SRE/DevOps and Machine Learning, the two major next "shiny" things that students usually run behind. And this is not just the post-COVID era. If you observe the % hikes in the last column of the table, which refers to pre-pandemic hiring, even then React/Native scores the highest, a 35% hike, followed by full-stack engineers. So it is not that the demand for Fullstack Engineers and React developers have increased in 2021 or all of a sudden, it has always been there.

Let's be real here for a minute. ML/AI has always been hype. The entry-level job market does not hold a lot of opportunities. If you are genuinely interested in data, go for data analytics. And it's also the same for backend development. Most parts of backend roles are getting automated, thereby reducing the demand. Seasoned backend engineers will move to DevOps in the next 5 years.

I have predicted this for quite some time now. Have a look at the tweets below. The dates have also been highlighted for you.

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At the end of the day, I can just show you the path. It is your choice to walk on it or not. I try to explain my ideas and thoughts in the best possible way that I can, sometimes with logic, sometimes with numbers, and sometimes with passion. And it is my passion to guide the students of the country to success, and I do everything in my power to make sure that happens. You can help me by sharing this newsletter with your friend, colleague, or anyone of your knowledge who may need it. Here is the link and as always, here is Tanay, finishing this newsletter, hoping that you will be a part of my journey and show your support to my endeavors.