How does one build muscles?

The answer is the way to be a great coder.

let's understand the muscle development process

Suppose you are a 20-something-year-old who wants a muscular body, abs, biceps, and all those things? How do you achieve it? You exercise every single day. You sweat it out in the gym, and you do it day in and day out. One cannot build a muscular body in a day or just overnight. It requires work and consistent work.

In the same manner, you do not become a great coder overnight. You have to toil every day. It's all because of nature. Your brain works similarly to your body. You work out every day, stress your muscles every day, do heavyweight lighting, perform pushups, and slowly, you will see your muscles growing. Again, if you code every day, your brain muscles exercise, more neurons get fired and more connections are developed. That is how your brain develops.

what exercises to do for coding?

If you are a newbie, practice at least 2-3 programming questions every single day. Find out the list of top 100 programming questions of your preferred language and solve them. If you are someone who has had developer experience, go for something bigger, try to clone Twitter or Facebook. Go for a project that is full-stack and deals with dynamic data. Learn a new piece every day and implement it.

I hope you have heard of Riyaaz. Practicing music is called riyaaz and singers have to do it every day to maintain their voice. That is what you need to do as well. You need to riyaaz, practice your skill every day.

until next time

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