a chance to help your friend

What's a better gift than giving someone the gift of great career?

You might have heard this story before, I was not into web development. In fact, I was so bad that if someone said, “Put a div here”, I wouldn’t know what a div would be. I was totally into network security. But, a friend, Vikram, was very much into it. One day he came to my place and he was telling me about his work and started showing me his projects. Curious, I asked, “How do you make such beautiful UIs?”.

In his trademark style, he said, “Abey, kuchh nahi hai, bootstrap use kar lo.” (Hey, it’s nothing, just use bootstrap). Seeing me clueless he gave me a tour of the bootstrap website and honestly, I got hooked. Today, that friend works as a UX engineer at Google, India.

We used to, and still have a ton of web dev-related discussions. Hours-long. And both end up learning and creating stuff. But why am I telling you this? Because having a friend in the same field, especially in a field where there’s tons of demand is a great thing for your career.

Now, you already know about neogcamp. But does your friend know? Does he know that applications are finally open and we are accepting your assignment submissions? No? Why not? Tell your friend. Meanwhile, I hope you all are working on your own assignments and are ready to submit them on the admission portal.

random fun facts

(Caution: What I consider fun, might not be fun for you. Let me know in the comments if it was.)


The admission portal for camp has come out really well and I am super proud. You should check it out https://admissions.neog.camp. Why am I proud, you ask? Because this whole portal is done by neoG’21 students. Especially the students who were in their 1st-3rd year of college. They worked with me, we did a lot of engineering and learning together to get it up. Isn’t it amazing, a gift from batch one to the second batch?


My friend, Vikram, is coming to this year’s camp to take a guest workshop. He has cooked up something on CSS animations. There will be fireworks and magic.


I realize that not everyone who has signed up for this newsletter would constantly want to read about neoG. But that’s taking a lot of my time, I am building the future of web dev education there. And, I love to talk about my work, build in public, share that excitement. What did I do? I created something, a dedicated letter experience for just neoG. A place where we can have heart-to-heart like this, but only about neoG. You can sign up for that here: https://letters.neog.camp


Before we say goodbye, I told you a personal story about my friend. Can you tell me one too? Who’s one of your best friends with whom you like to code? Or just your partner in crime. I am listening. You can always reply to the email if you're a shy type. But comments are better.