2021 web developer roadmap

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Call me a pessimist but not much changed when the calendar changed. We are still struggling with our lives as much as we were. One thing changed though, I have shifted my newsletter from tinyletter to substack. Why? tinyletter was giving me delivery issues. Subscribers were complaining. Am I planning to go paid? No, not in any future which I can foresee. When I started teaching online, I wanted to do everything free but in 2020 I realized that providing a good experience sometimes means you have to charge for things and reluctantly the bootcamp was launched with a price tag. There’s a lot of background into what went and how it all came up and I wish to sit down someday and write the entire journey, at least for my peace.

Let’s talk about bootcamp. If you haven’t been following me online, I launched a full stack developer bootcamp. The first 15 hours of it is free and can help anyone (literally anyone) get started with programming. The next 64+ hours of content is behind a live interactive bootcamp. No, this issue is not to sell you tickets, the seats are full. I got a lot many applications than I envisioned. Blessed! However, something good came out of the bootcamp which I would like to share.

I worked extra hard to come up with the right course structure for the free and paid parts of bootcamp. I feel that this roadmap can help someone in identifying what to learn and in which order. So, I am putting a link here to check it out. https://neog.camp/roadmap. If anyone you know is looking to get started ask them to go through the roadmap and the first 15 hours of content. It would be a clear marking whether that person is made up for programming or not. 25,000+ people have watched the intro to programming on Youtube and a lot of them completed the assignments too.

That’s it for now. I am not sure how substack works. I am going to publish this and hoping that it would reach your inbox. So, if it does, can you please reply with two things:
1. A yes, and
2. What’s the one thing which you read/learned in 2020 which stayed with you?

Looking forward to your replies. I don’t want to make promises and break them, but I honestly intend to write more often. Long-form writing acts as a catharsis for me. I should do this more.